Hi, I'm Giampiero

Hopefully you’re wondering: “Who is this guy? What makes him the way he is?" Even though those are seemingly simple questions they can be quite complex and difficult to answer so instead of writing an autobiography I’ll tell you a thing or two about me.

I am currently based in cozy Amsterdam with my lovely girlfriend Anouk and my adorable son Matteo. I happen to be from the Caribbean, more specifically, the friendly island of St Maarten. I was born and raised on the Dutch side of the island.

At this point in time you might be saying, “But wait a minute, your name is Italian!” *makes Italian gestures*. Kudos to you for being so on top of things! Besides being Antillean,  I am also half Italian. I lived in Milan and Hong Kong for a year each. As you can see, I have an international background.

I offer portraits, lifestyle photography and films in The Netherlands. When it comes to photography I like to connect with my clients, which might not be for everyone.

My style revolves around natural, candid, emotion-driven and detail oriented images. I love people, everyone has a story, and I find pictures help with that story - whether it's for a wedding, event, or even commercial photography.

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